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The #1 pest in the Southeast has finally met its match! Our licensed, trained, and professional technicians help to provide the best service, focused to make your day better! Our bait is family and pet friendly, allowing you to walk on your property immediately after treatment. We target the reproduction of fire ants living throughout the property to allow us to hold off fire ants longer than any other service, allowing you to get back to enjoying the beautiful Florida landscape.

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Fire Ant Squad offers valuable information about those pesky fire ants. Check out some of our interesting information for more!

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I’ve been using this service for almost 4 years now. I tried to treat Fire ants by myself and never seemed to get rid of them. I called Blake from Fire Ant Squad, and since using them I have not had any come back. I’m highly allergic to them and have two dogs and it’s great that my lawn is now free of biting ants. I highly recommend, reliable and very reasonably priced!

Jim P.

Blake is always on time and professional. His product works amazing. I used to get bit all the time by fire ants and now I am able to walk barefoot in my yard and never get bit. Customer for life!

Heidi M.

Fire Ant Group

Since I started using Fire Ant Squad I no longer have Fire Ants in my yard which is much appreciated by the kids and the dogs. A must have service in Florida.

Jared C.

Fire Ant Squad has provided us fire ant yard control for more than 5 years, and since they began we have NEVER had fire ants on our property - which was a big problem before they began treatment. We are very pleased with their service, and are comfortable recommending them to any who have fire ant issues on their property.

Mark M.

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