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My name is Blake Lacey

I am a part owner of Fire Ant Squad and have been helping to serve North Florida for 5+ years. I love the challenge presented by facing the most destructive invasive species in North America. 

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About Me.

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I was born and raised in Lake City, Florida where I grew up experiencing some of Florida's best springs, beaches and parks. After highschool in the Jacksonville Beach area, I attended University of Florida. There I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Real Estate. With the guidance of longtime business partner and friend Scott Curry, I found my way into the fire ant control business during college. When not killing fire ants I enjoys a great times, great friends, and great coffee. 

Throughout my time living in Florida and working landscaping for almost a decade, I have come to understand just how destructive fire ants can be. Seeing both the physical as well as financial consequences of fire ants has pushed our team to grow to what is has. Recently graduated, I have put my mind to protecting Florida with the growing need for fire ant control and creating the best customer experience possible.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
University of Florida

  • Collaborated with peers to solve real-world problems addressing Florida.

  • Gained an understanding for running an environmentally responsible company.

  • Learned as a community to instill values and leadership into professional life.


L&O (Lawn and Ornamentals)

CPCO of Florida

Certified in the State of Florida with the basis of proof of three years expeerience and authority to use restricted chemicals.


Fire Ant Squad

Had the pleasure of managing day-to-day business and customer needs. Has allowed for both the growth of the company as well as the individual.

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