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Helping to Explain Your Fire Ant Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Tell If I have Fire Ants?

The best way to determine if a mound is fire ants is to gently blow on the mound. Fire ants are aggressive by nature and will attack while black ants and pyramid ants will scatter. Our sister company has a great video description to distinguish the difference here.

How Long Does Treatment Take For Effect?

Our bait uses a growth regulator to sterilize the queen of each mound. This leaves the rest of the ants to die of old age as the colony's life cycle is destroyed without the ability to reproduce. The average life cycle of an imported red fire ant is about 5 weeks which is when we expect your yard to be guaranteed fire ant free!

How Does Your Guarantee Work?

Fire Ant Squad guarantees results or your money back. We control fire ant infestations, specifically to reduce the size and number of fire ant colonies on the property. For the best results in keeping fire ants gone, we suggest year round control (3 treatments a year). If after 6 weeks (prior to next 4 month treatment) a fire ant infestation occurs in the treated area, Fire Ant Squad will retreat with no additional cost. We cannot guarantee that you will never have fire ants, even in treated areas

Why Do You Treat Every 4 Months?

Fire ants spread as queens lay new females with wings, often during the spring and fall. During these seasons fire ants tend to creep in from neighbors and the wind. When left untreated, these new queens shed their wings and begin laying eggs once again.

Is The Treatment Safe?

Fire Ant Squad LLC is fully licensed and insured. We provide an efficient, professional, and quality service. Following treatment your family, pets, and and other animals can re-enter the property immediately after.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Our treatment is guaranteed to control infestations for 4 months. We can never promise you will never have fire ants, even in treated areas.

What Differs Fire Ant Squad Treatment From One I Could Do On My Own?

Typical baits bought at your local hardware store kills fire ants on contact, never fully ending the mound as the bait never reaches the queen. We provide an efficient, professional, and quality service to insure you never have to worry about fire ants again. 
Fire Ants in a Group

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