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Fire Ants on a Cloth

Fire Ant Facts

Protecting Your Business, Home, and Pets

Did you know?

A few things you didn't know about fire ants

Image by Matvey Logachev

Large Tunnels

Fire ant mounds consists of large tunnel systems. These can lead over 25 ft from the mound.

Image by Daoudi Aissa

Sunny Builders

Fire ants love direct sunlight. If you are looking for active mounds start in sunny, elevated areas.

Image by Ben White


Think you've been in the gym? Fire ants can lift 20 times their body weight.

Image by Joe Calata

Fire-Ant Floats

During flooding fire ants lock onto each other, creating a raft to carry the queen.

Image by kyle smith

No Hearing

Fire ants do not have ears. Instead they use their feet to feel the vibrations around them.

Image by Maria Teneva

Invasive Species

Fire ants are originally from South America. They have quickly became one of the most destructive invasive species.

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