Julie Curry


Julie and Scott have been married for 24 years. Julie has always worked along side Scott throughout his time in the nursery business. Whether it has been driving trucks for deliveries, unloading/loading plants, office work, or raising their 3 children, she has always been an integral part of the team. Throughout her time near the nursery business, she has always been aware of fire ants and learned very early on that Florida is infested with these aggressive biting ants. Plants, gardens, flower beds, yards…basically everywhere she was working, ants were attacking.  After her husband Scott found a company claiming to kill these pesky lil ants, Julie was skeptical. After a while however, Julie saw the potential in the service and began to take over the small, but growing, business. Now after running the day-to-day of Fire Ant Squad for close to 10 years, Julie has established her self as fire ant enemy #1 and continues to plot their demise. 


Scott and Julie’s kids are now 23, 19 and 15. Some of Julies hobbies include wake-surfing, traveling and enjoying the many beaches that North Florida has to offer. Some of her favorite pass-times include crushing any cross-fit gym and an ongoing passion for finding that perfect coffee shop.