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My name is Scott Curry

I have always provided the energy in my business. I live for the interaction with customers and being able to base ourselves on results.

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About Me.

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Julie and Scott have been married for 24 years. Scott started worked in the nursery industry as a teenager working in his dads nursery on their property. With Julie working alongside him to further their business and raise their 3 children, they’ve always been a team. Scott had always been very sensitive to fire ants and learned very early on that Florida is infested with these fire biting ants. Plants, gardens, flower beds, yards…basically everywhere they were working ants were attacking.  When Scott was walking an agricultural trade show in the early 2000’s he found a booth selling fire ant control and was skeptical, but decided it was worth a try. Fast forward 10 years…we have been completely fire ant free and believe in the product and service so much that we started our own branch!! 


Scott and Julie’s kids are now 23, 19 and 15. Scotts hobbies include a nice day by the water and an undoubted love for plants. When he's not traveling or spending time with family and friends, Scott is always in search of a new adventure. 

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